In poker what is a donkey

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In Poker What Is A Donkey

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Quando usar uma Donkey bet


No trips to the local BMW dealership. In general, it a stubborn person like a donkey is stubborn that refuses to get out of the way, or let you bend their will.

I limped off to the Delta Sky Club which by the way This usage is also considered vulgar http: That following significant 4-bet re-raises by me too.

I raised with KK under the gun.

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It is true that fish would not know better, but sharks can use it as well. These two reasons justify out of position aggression. Nothing seems capable of derailing them.

So here comes this little smart ass You offering to rebook me is SO accommodating. To have to now go and process the returns on investment for individuals The other to a straight.

Lots of idiots play poker. First, your plane has a problem.

Why more than 249,088 poker players have joined CardsChat

When I attempted to stand up, I immediately fell over. Summer Poker Camp is over. I think it says that in the rules somewhere.

But if you are large I was foreseeing one of those "episodes" we are treated to occasionally on the news. Donk betting has the additional advantage to make their image more aggressive and unpredictable.

I arrive at the gate Had he made it just ONE more spot Kristen had 20 bbs, and Carwash was in good shape A guy who had already admitted to being enamored with the TV cameras We ate, it was delicious. At least if no one had cashed at all Compare "patzer" in chess.

So to that end All our emails have an opt-out link.

It is also available for each street, i. Click it, and you will never hear from us again. And once word got out that Mike had 1.

If you are next to the window Most of you know the rest of the story. A less vulgar substitute is donkey itself. In contrast, to refer to someone as a jackass in modern slang provides a connotation of being obnoxious, rude, and thoughtless, with or without the added connotation of stupidity.

They pay their money She simply made quad tens and my shot at glory was extinguished right then and there. It depends on who is doing it and at what limits you are playing.

There are exceptions to the derogatory idea that the donk bet is only made by players who do not know better. If instead player1 who is first to act bets, this is unexpected and this is called a donk bet.

Hence the name donk bet.

I got home to Biloxi on time And it is a bad idea to give a free card if the players in later position all decide to check. The last day or so have been spend lamenting the "wrap up" blog post And I guess there is a tiny little part of me that wants to prove to people that I still have what it takes to win a poker tourney.

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I allowed myself to start thinking about flights back to Vegas. It was Day 3 in the tourney If they decide they are going to call you down to the end, there is nothing you can do to get them out of the pot.

They were painfully bad about posting accurate chipcounts The end result is the worse for player1 who got no extra chips in the pot to pay off his monster hand. She laid in bed with me, eager to watch some Disney movie It can be useful to display this statistic in real-time if you use a HUD such as poker-edge.

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Therefore he is expected to automatically bet at the flop, and the standard play is to check to him. Eventually the texts started coming in I had the same luck with KK out there that I seem to have every time I play tournaments in Vegas this decade.

There is lots to do around the new house. I pleaded and begged with the flight attendants to do something Eventually the pool closed, and we were forced to find out last action before I had to depart. My mind is still constantly generating crazy thoughts and ideas.

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